Learn How to Homeschool

Your Gifted Learner

Even if You Have Little Time.

Curiosity + Persistence = Mastery

We empower parents and care givers take control of their gifted learner's education,

so that they can make the shift from struggling to thriving.

Have a total clarity as you homeschool your gifted learner

Homeschool your gifted learner in the time you have

Position your gifted leaner to have the career of thier dreams

We empower parents and care givers to take control of their gifted learner's education, so that they can make the shift from struggling to thriving.

Help your child release

trauma around learning

We believe that gifted learners deserve to love learning something new everyday.

We understand how to empower you to effectively educate your gifted learner because we've been there,

we've done the work.

We are on a mission to help gifted learners

thrive in school and soar in life!

Fast Track Coaching Program on How to Homeschool Your Gifted Learner, Even If You Have Very Little Time  

With this flagship program, we empower parents to take control of their child's education so that they can shift from struggling to thriving. 

In this program you will learn:


  • Homeschooling mindset

  • How to choose curriculum

  • How to plan your day for success

  • Unique teaching strategies for gifted learners

  • A trained and experienced principal, teacher and mother to two gifted and twice exceptional learners, as your guide to walk with you through the process.

  • How to develop a plan to help your gifted learner to launch after high school.

  • How to create a personal learning plan that works for your family's unique needs.

If you have a desire to homeschool your gifted learner, but lack the confidence and clarity to make it happen-this program for you. 

We offer these services to coaching parents and caregivers on "How to Homeschool their Gifted Learners, Even if They Have Very Little Time.

Book A Free Strategy Session

Let's talk and find how we can help you ensure the success of your gifted learner.


5 Day Challenge to Homeschool your Gifted Learner

Join the 5 day challenge in order to gain clarity on how to homeschool your gifted learner.


Fast Track Coaching Program

During the first 6 weeks, you will learn the implementation strategies you will need to homeschoool with total clarity. The remaining 6 weeks are for ongoing support.

Here's our promise to you...

Build Up

Build up your child's confidence in learning by creating an environment for peak performance.


Allow your gifted learner to pursue their talents and interests


Allow curiosity to run wild as your gifted learner pursues learning naturally in the environment around them. 


Develop the ability to execute on learning effortlessly without the use of conscious resources.

Five Mistakes Made When Diagnosing Gifted Learners With ADHD

Many gifted children are misdiagnosed by psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, and other healthcare professionals about specific social and emotional characteristics of gifted learners. The very people who are supposed to have their best interests at heart. They are the very people who positioned them for the next steps of their lives. These individuals take these mislabels and go out into school all across the United States.


In this eBook you will discover the five common mistakes and myths behind them. 

"Our mission is to help families of gifted learners navigate their educational journey that is easy and not overwhelming.


At One Eighty Education, we understand the unique needs of gifted learners and we strive to help families become a part of a nurturing, safe community, to speak about the highs and lows of daily life with giftedness and to get solutions. 


Our founder, Juankea Brim, has  unique perspective on this population for which she has such a heart. She knows firsthand the struggles of trying to get proper accommodation even with Gifted IEP, Standard IEP or a 504.


One Eighty Education is on a mission to change the focus on gifted learners. We understand that they have unique needs, unique personalities and unique academic needs. Our aim is to dispel myths that can complicate their lives and prevent them from reaching their full potential. We aim to provide the tools, processes and systems they so desperately need.


One Eighty Education is an advocate for families and students who are, and care for, gifted learners."


Juaneka Brim

Gifted Education Expert



How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum

for Gifted Learners

How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum

for Gifted Learners

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